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Classification and selection of liquid filling machines
Aug 29, 2018

Mechanized filling can not only improve labor productivity, reduce the loss of products, ensure the quality of packaging, but also reduce the mutual pollution between the production environment and the loaded materials. Therefore, the modern beverage industry generally adopts mechanized filling machine. Bottling machine knowledge classification: different filling materials (gas-containing liquids, gas-free liquids, paste, etc.) and different packaging containers (bottles, cans, boxes, barrels, bags, etc.), the use of different types of filling machine, usually filling machine classification method as follows: 

Manual filling machine, semi-automatic filling machine

1. According to the degree of automation: manual filling machine, semi-automatic filling machine, automatic filling machine, filling and capping combined machine.

2, according to the structure: linear filling machine, rotary filling machine.

3. Quantitative device: cup filling machine, liquid level filling machine, rotor filling machine, plunger filling machine.

4, according to the number of filling heads: single head filling machine, multi head filling machine.

5. Filling principle: vacuum filling machine, atmospheric pressure filling machine, back pressure filling machine, negative pressure filling machine, pressure filling machine.

6. According to the structure of the feeding cylinder: single chamber feeding filling machine, double chamber feeding filling machine, multi-chamber feeding filling machine.

7. According to the lifting structure of packaging container, it is divided into slideway lifting filling machine, pneumatic lifting filling machine and slideway pneumatic combination lifting filling machine.

Automatic rotary and straight line filling machine

Selection of filling machine: Rational selection of filling machine is an important way to ensure product quality and improve economic benefits. Generally speaking, should be closely linked with the actual production, as far as possible to choose a good quality, high efficiency, simple structure, easy use and maintenance, small volume, light weight filling machine. The knowledge of filling machine should follow the following principles when choosing filling machine.

The principle of service for production process. Firstly, the suitable filling machine should be selected according to the properties of filling materials (viscosity, foaming, volatility, gas content, etc.) to meet the production process requirements. For example, in order to avoid the loss of volatile aromatic substances in liquor with strong aroma, cup filling machine or atmospheric pressure filling machine should be generally used; for juice liquor, in order to reduce air contact and ensure product quality, vacuum juicing filling machine should be generally used. Secondly, the production capacity of the filling machine should be matched with the production capacity of the processing and packaging machinery.


Water treatment

The principle of high productivity and good product quality. Productivity directly reflects the production capacity of the production line. Therefore, the higher the productivity, the better the economic benefits. In order to improve the quality of products, the filling machine with high accuracy and high automation should be selected. However, the selling price of the equipment has been raised correspondingly, which has increased the unit cost of the product. Therefore, when selecting the filling machine, the relevant factors should be considered comprehensively according to the production process requirements.

The principle of wide process range. The technological range of a filling machine refers to its ability to adapt to different production requirements. The wider the technological range, the higher the utilization rate of the equipment, the realization of a multi-purpose machine, that is, the use of the same equipment can be filled with a variety of materials and specifications. Therefore, in order to meet the production requirements of various varieties and specifications in the liquor and beverage industry, the filling machine with the widest range of technology should be selected.