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Comparison between gravity filling machine and pressure filling machine
Aug 29, 2018

1. Working principle: gravity filling machine is relying on the gravity of materials, flowing from top to bottom to the filling head; pressure filling machine is to use the piston to extract the material into the cylinder, and then use the piston to inject the filling head for filling, just like a needle pipe injecting water after injecting the needle out of the needle, so the pressure filling machine is also known as the piston filling machine.

Gravity filling machine

2. Applicable materials: According to the principle of gravity filling machine, it is suitable for water with good fluidity; and pressure filling machine is also suitable for high viscosity liquid and paste besides water agent, so pressure filling machine is also called high viscosity filling machine.

Pressure/high viscosity filling machine

3. Price: The structure of gravity filling machine is simpler, the price is more cheaper; the structure of pressure filling machine is complex, and the price cost control is more expensive.