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Flow Of Liquid Filling Machine
Aug 07, 2018

The flow of liquid filling machine is generally as follows: boxes filled with empty bottles are stacked on pallets and sent to unloading pallet machines by conveyor belts, the pallet unloading, the box with the conveyor sent to the unloading machine, the empty bottle from the box out, empty box through the conveyor belt to the washing machine, washed clean, and then transported to the packing machine next to the bottle filled with drinks. 

The empty bottle removed from the unloading machine is sent into the washing machine by another conveyor belt for disinfection and cleaning, and the bottle inspection machine is inspected to meet the cleaning standard to enter the filling machine and capping machine. The beverage is loaded into the bottle by the filling machine. The bottle of the drink is sealed by capping machine and transported to labeling machine labeling, the label is sent to the packing machine into the box and then sent to the heap pallet machine to be piled into the warehouse on the pallet.