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Large Demand For Packaging Machinery Market
Aug 07, 2018

The mechanical development indicates the progress of the industry. Packaging industry to get rid of crafts, a lot of mechanical equipment, of course, packaging production value has also improved a lot.

summed up the domestic packaging market information can be found, shopping malls on the need for packaging machinery and many.

Now the mall needs vigorous packaging machinery: Corrugated board, Carton (box), printing complete sets of equipment, pharmaceutical processing and packaging machinery, convenient food production complete sets of equipment, beer, beverage filling equipment, fruit vegetables processing fresh-keeping packaging.

Corrugated board, Carton (box), printing equipment Corrugated cardboard, carton refers to the packaging box, large carton, fast-food lunch boxes, disposable paper cups, paper mold packaging, such goods can be regarded as the head of the packaging profession, the country nearly million cartons (box) packaging plant, more than 10 years of domestic circulation of corrugated cardboard, cartons (boxes), printing equipment needs of the demand. In addition to many days of daily use carton packaging, now, motorcycles, bicycles are also a lot of choice carton packaging. In particular, the daily life of the indispensable fruit also by the willow basket to carton packaging. According to professional speculation, soon, vegetables will also be used in many cartons for packaging.

With the further development of the economy, carton packaging company to update the speed of upgrading, will urgently require more than 2000 wide five, seven, nine and high-strength corrugated cardboard, cartons (box) complete sets of equipment.

Fresh-keeping packaging equipment for fruit and vegetable processing As for fruit vegetable processing, keeping fresh is the main trend of its development. There is an urgent need for fruit and vegetable grading skills and equipment, high efficiency juicing skills and equipment, energy-saving enrichment skills and equipment, cleaning and selection of fruit, frozen vegetables and dehydrated vegetables skills and equipped. Vigorously carry out a substantial decline in fruit vegetables, food, meat (water products), eggs and other food materials lost processing machinery, especially packaging equipment.

Now most of these devices are equipped with air conditioning and CO60 radiation skills.

Convenient food production equipment First of all, to facilitate the surface, convenient porridge and dumplings, steamed buns and other production machinery for the representative of the convenience of food processing equipment. The demand for production equipment will increase as the demand for its goods becomes larger. According to the domestic market survey, the direction that everyone needs to facilitate food is: nutritional value, high-grade goods and taste good.