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On The Development Of Packaging Machinery Market In The Future
Aug 07, 2018

In our country, the packaging machinery products are faced with fierce international competition due to the low variety, technical level and poor reliability of products. Especially in our country in recent 5 years, accelerate the development of agricultural products deep processing, building a conservation-oriented society, the development of recycling economy and increase technological innovation, resulting in a new round of technology introduction climax.

In recent years, China's agricultural products deep-processing total investment reached more than 32 billion yuan, processing and packaging equipment more than 80% by imports. As food, medicine and other areas of huge packaging needs, packaging machinery to maintain an alarming pace of development. At the same time, intelligent, automation, controllability, compatibility of technical requirements of domestic packaging machinery production put forward higher requirements.

Packaging machinery and equipment to small, flexible, multi-purpose, high efficiency direction. Food packaging Machinery is a machine that can complete all or part of a product's food packaging process.

The packaging process includes filling, wrapping, sealing and other major processes, as well as its associated with the process, such as cleaning, stacking and demolition. China's packaging machinery industry to maintain the growth of about 16% every year, this is because the packaging industry as a national economy in many areas of supporting industry, is to promote consumption, highlight the value of the industry, its technological progress and ancillary services can bring profound impact on other industries.