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The Market Vision Of Filling Machine
Aug 07, 2018

Domestic filling equipment shopping malls despite the potential for development, since the financial crisis, the speed of the development of filling equipment has been shown, since the 2014 into the filling equipment shopping malls are more and more bullish.

From the recent months of statistical data surveys, especially from the March 2014 domestic filling Machine analysis of the analysis, the March filling equipment sales completed the fastest increase in recent years, basically all the filling equipment manufacturers have completed their mission. The increase of filling equipment should not hesitate to discuss shopping malls, research needs, in-depth development, pay attention to qualitative progress, the development of a certain technical content of functional packaging machinery, greeted a new round of global green economy.

Product packaging should be a simple, maintenance-oriented, forced-type packaging mode gradually changed into brand, shopping, active packaging. Domestic filling equipment production originated in the last century in the 80 's, the occupation from scratch, in the expansion to today, can be said to have experienced a lot. Now the domestic filling equipment presents a significant group, large-scale trend. Now, on the mainland of China, there are hundreds of bottling equipment manufacturers, the use of packaging machinery manufacturers have now been extended to all walks of life. Packaging machinery and equipment in the domestic many applications, not only the progress of domestic packaging machine manufacturers to carry out the level, together with the improvement of the living standards of citizens to improve the working conditions of workers, has a great effect.