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What Is Fluid Filling Line
Aug 07, 2018

Fluid filling line is generally used in a variety of liquids, paste, half fluid and other materials such as cleaning, filling, capping, labeling, spray code and so on.

The current domestic fluid filling line generally divided into rotary, linkage, linear type three kinds. The cleaning part according to the different bottle shape design different washing machine, generally has the caterpillar type, the revolving inverted Chong type, blows the gas type and so on.

Users must choose the most satisfactory washing machine according to their bottle shape. The filling part according to the different material, the liquid usually uses the direct current or the pump pumping type measurement, the paste body usually uses the piston pressure type measurement, but for contains the granular material to use the screw type measurement.

According to the different requirements of the material, can be filled with gas, vacuum, negative pressure, pressure and other filling methods. Cover part due to the wide variety of covers, the mold of the model is also different. At present, the prevailing domestic closures are roughly the following: screw cap, anti-theft cover, three or four cap, beer cover, duck mouth cover, nozzle cover, other shaped caps and so on. Automatic capping machine due to different caps, also divided into automatic capping machine, automatic Zagai, automatic capping machine and so on.

Due to the production and technical aspects of the problem, there are semi-automatic capping machine, Zagai, sealing machine and so on. Labeling part according to the label of the material and requirements, popular in the domestic generally is self-adhesive labeling machine, Hot melt Adhesive Labeling machine, paste labeling machine, set the standard machine four categories.

General beverage bottles seen in the set of labeling machine and hot melt Adhesive labeling machine, ordinary bottles are more commonly seen in self-adhesive labeling machine, special glass bottles with paste labeling machine. The logo part is also divided into different types, colored belt coding machine (often with labeling machine), printing ink printer (used alone or matching), inkjet (independent use). The identification machine class generally applies to the date spurts the code, the serial number marking, the origin marking and so on.