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Working Flow Of Filling Line
Aug 07, 2018

According to the different material its process is not only the same, the following are some reference workflow.

1. After cleaning the container through the bottle washer, enter the bottle-washing machine to flip and flush the bottle. 

2. After washing the containers for different product requirements and drying or sterilization. (for different industries) 

3. After processing the container reaches the filling head to carry on the quantitative filling. (according to the different filling methods used in the material, the conventional liquid materials are filled with direct current, paste-like materials are filled with pressure, the powder is measured by screw-type, and the amount of granular material is measured by the cup type.) gas-containing materials with negative pressure type filling.

4. After filling the material after the capping machine to cover. (depending on the lid, you can also use a vacuum cover, or a direct cover or gland or cover, etc.)

5. After the product after the cover, because of the processing of the following process is different. Generally to label or set the label,

6. The final product is the production date or batch number identification equipment.

7. Output of finished product. The machine will flush, filling, capping three functions on an organism, the whole process of automatic filling, suitable for polyester bottles, plastic bottles filled with mineral water, purified waters. Each part of the bottle-type adjustment using the handle rotation to achieve, easy and easy, simple and quick. The filling method adopts a new type of micro-pressure filling, which makes the filling speed more stable. This machine uses the Advanced OMRON programmable controller (PLC) control machine's automatic operation, enters the bottle link to adopt the frequency changer to adjust the speed, with the main engine frequency converter mutually to make into the bottle operation more stable reliable. Photoelectric detection of the operation of various components, so high degree of automation, easy to operate. Washing bottle using four independent control of double (single) High-pressure injection system, disinfection liquid circulation, flushing liquid circulation emissions have a variety of options.