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Mineral Water Bottle Blowing Machine
Mineral Water Bottle Blowing MachineMineral water bottle blowing machine is used for the PET water bottles filling production with semi automatic and fully automatic machine, according to your production capacity, the small volume producing is for the semi automatic machine and the automatic machine is for the big volume production.

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1. Application of the mineral water bottle blowing machine

Semi automatic PET bottle blowing machine

Semi automatic PET blowing machine produce flow chart

2. Products parameters of the semi automatic PET blowing machine



Voltage (V/HZ)


Pillar Space (mm)


Running Pressure (Mpa)


Mold Size (mm)


Blowing pressure (Mpa)


Open Mould Stroke (mm)


Stretching Stoke (mm)


Sealing Stroke (mm)


Theoretical output (bph)


Weight (Kg)


Size (mm)


3. Features of the mineral water bottle blowing machine

This machine adopts a fully imported MITSUBISHI servo motor device, which is efficient and energy saving.

Adopt automatic control method for bottle blank to reduce personnel, reduce costs, improve quality and increase profits for enterprises.

Using MITSUBISHI or SIEMENS to import human machine interface control program, it has the advantages of stable performance and simple operation.

The components of OMRON are imported with high control precision and fast reaction speed.

The German imported infrared tube is heated, penetrated and heated evenly, saving electricity charges by 40%. The width and height of the reflector can be adjusted, so that it can be used for heating bottles with different structures.

The whole machine has the functions of automatic alarm and automatic fault detection and judgement.

It has high sensitivity, fast switching speed, low failure rate and safe and reliable operation, with the selection of gas power components, such as Germany faster, Japanese SMC, Taiwan, Germany, and South Korea PMC.

Gas path design: action and blowing are divided into two parts to meet the needs of blowing and moving different air pressure to achieve high pressure blow products.

It has unique clamping structure, strong clamping force, stable movement, quick opening and closing mode, convenient mould installation and convenient replacement.

The most important thing is that we have good after-sales service.

Semi automatic PET blowing machine producing workshop.

4. Mineral water bottle blowing machine Automatic PET bottle blow-molding machine is suitable for producing different shapes and sizes of bottles from PET preforms.

PET preforms and automatic loading system

Heating system 

Finished bottles of PET bottles blowing machine

5. Certificates, patents and partners

6. Our exhibition and foreign customers 

7. Machine package and delivery

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