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Semi Automatic PET Blowing Machine
Semi Automatic PET Blowing MachineSemi automatic PET blowing machine is designed for the PET bottles production, small size, big size, different shapes, all the kinds of plastic bottles can be produced by yourself.

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1. Application of the Semi automatic PET blowing machine


Semi automatic PET blowing machine produce flow chart

JUNSHHENG series semi automatic blow molding machine which adopts PLC controlling, direct pressure piston type pneumatic-hydraulic locking mold, high pressure blow. It can be used together with digital infrared heaters, it is especially designed for hot-filling bottles, it can blow tea and beverage bottles which can stand temperatures up to 88°C-95°C  to meet the needs of pasteurization for hot filling for the beverage filling production line.

2. Products parameters of the semi automatic PET blowing machine



Voltage (V/HZ)


Pillar Space (mm)


Running Pressure (Mpa)


Mold Size (mm)


Blowing pressure (Mpa)


Open Mould Stroke (mm)


Stretching Stoke (mm)


Sealing Stroke (mm)


Theoretical output (bph)


Weight (Kg)




3. Features of the semi automatic PET blowing machine

- Direct pressure piston type pneumatic-hydraulic locking mold system makes a steady mold locking.

- Imported high pressure blowing valve together with Mitsubishi programmable controller makes its operation flexible and precise.

- The journey between open and close mold is long enough to ensure a strong interchangeability with simple assembly and disassembly

- The use of the centralized silencer used in high and low pressure exhaust helps to lower the noise effectively.

- Major electrical and pneumatic components are reliable and famous brands which are imported with high quality.

- It can be used together with infrared heating device and is suitable to blow 0.1-5L for all size bottles with different preforms and mould.

Finished bottles for the semi automatic PET bottles blowing machine

Semi automatic PET blowing machine producing workshop.

4. Certificates, patents and partners

5. Our exhibition and foreign customers 

6. Machine package and delivery

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