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Water Packaging Equipment
Water Packaging EquipmentWater packaging equipment is Bottled water heat shrinkable film packaging machine bottled water soft drink PE packaging production line equipment, It is suitable for the hot shrinkable packaging of mineral water, beer, coke, Sprite, beverage, household appliances, medicine, floor, ceramic, cement foamed insulation board, carton and so on.

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1. Application of the water packaging equipment


Heat shrinkable film packaging machine thermal shrinkage plastic film packing machine

The water packaging equipment is used to wrap the shrinkable film on the outside of the package. It is heated to shrink the shrinkable film on the surface of the package and fully display the appearance of the goods to increase the appearance and the sense of value. At the same time, the goods after the packing can be sealed, moisture proof, anti pollution, anti breakage and burglarproof. It is suitable for combination of various articles and pallet packaging.

2. Features of the water packaging equipment

The water packaging equipment can be used independently, and has the functions of wrapping, wrapping, conveying, heating, body fitting and cooling once. This machine adopts automatic temperature control, hot air circulation, energy saving and high efficiency. The machine has adjustable speed and stable running speed, and it can be selected at will. It is equipped with a powerful cooling system.

The water packaging equipment has the characteristics of advanced design, stable and reliable performance, high efficiency, good shrinkage effect, novel and beautiful structure, convenient operation and maintenance, and can be applied to the continuous contraction packaging of many kinds of shrinkable film.

We can tailor the machine according to your product, so the packing effect is good, and the cost is saved.

3. Products parameters of water packaging equipment

The outer size of the whole machine L6500mm x W3200mm x H2100m

Heat contraction channel size L1800mm x W650mm x H450mm

Maximum packet size L600mm x W400mm x H350m

Packaging speed 10-15Pcs/minut

Conveyor belt width 304mm

Cutting time / temperature 0.5-1.5s 140oC-160oC

Working power / power three phase five line 380V 19KW

Working pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa

Gas 0.5m3/minute

3. Certificates, patents and partners

4. Filling bottles sample of water packaging equipment


5. Our workshop for water packaging equipment


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