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Drinking Water Purifier Machine
Drinking Water Purifier MachineDrinking water purifier machine is customized for filling production line, like purified water, soda water, sparkling water, drinking water etc, it depends on the water quality report for a suitable water treatment.

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1. Application of the drinking water purifier machine


The way of water treatment includes physical treatment, chemical treatment and biological treatment.

Water treatment is the process of improving water quality by means of physical, chemical and biological methods, such as water source or water that does not meet the requirements of water quality.

Scope of application

1. it is used for industrial water, domestic water and municipal water supply system that require turbidity of effluent less than 5mg/L to meet drinking water standards.

2. removal of suspended solids and solids in industrial sewage;

3., it can be used as pretreatment equipment in the softening and desalting system of ion exchange, and the crude filtration equipment for industrial water supply with low water quality.

As well as used in swimming pool circulation treatment system, cooling circulating water purification system, etc.

Water treatment includes two kinds of sewage treatment and drinking water treatment. In some places, sewage treatment is further divided into two types, namely, two kinds of sewage treatment and reclaimed water reuse. Commonly used water treatment chemicals are polyaluminium chloride, polyaluminum ferric chloride, basic aluminum chloride, polyacrylamide, activated carbon and various filter media.

2. Features of the drinking water purifier machine

According to the water quality testing and report, the corresponding water treatment equipment is allocated for the PET bottles water filling packing production line. The tonnage of water treatment is determined by the output of filling machine.

The water quality report is provided by the customer, and the customer applies to the municipal microbiology Institute and other relevant agencies to apply for the water quality to meet the drinking water requirements and to get the water quality report. we will make water treatment equipment according to the water quality report.

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4. Our workshop for the drinking water purifier machine


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