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Mineral Water Purifier Machine
Mineral Water Purifier MachineMineral water purifier machine is designed for water filling production line, the water treatment process can be basically divided into three parts: pretreatment system, advanced treatment system and terminal processing system.

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1. Application of the mineral water purifier machine


Simply speaking, "water treatment" is through physical, chemical, biological means to remove some of the water production and life do not need harmful substances in the process. It is the process of settling, filtering, coagulating, flocculating, and inhibiting water and scaling. Because social production and life are closely related to water. Therefore, the field of water treatment involves a wide range of applications, forming a huge industrial application.

The mineral water purifier machine is suitable the water treatment equipment for pure water, mineral water, and beverage process water. 

A. Pre-treatment System (multi-medium filter, active carbon filter, ion exchanger, Millipore filter)

B. Membrane separation System (Ultrafilter, nanometer filter, RO System)

C. Electrodialysis device

D. Sterilization System (UV device, ozone device)

The mineral water purifier machine includes two kinds of sewage treatment and drinking water treatment. In some places, sewage treatment is further divided into two types, namely, two kinds of sewage treatment and reclaimed water reuse. Commonly used water treatment chemicals are polyaluminium chloride, polyaluminum ferric chloride, basic aluminum chloride, polyacrylamide, activated carbon and various filter media.

2. Features of the mineral water purifier machine

According to the water quality testing and report, the corresponding water treatment equipment is allocated for the PET bottles water filling packing production line. The tonnage of water treatment is determined by the output of filling machine.

The water quality report is provided by the customer, and the customer applies to the municipal microbiology Institute and other relevant agencies to apply for the water quality to meet the drinking water requirements and to get the water quality report. we will make water treatment equipment according to the water quality report.

Pure water treatment process depends on the water quality of the original water.

If raw water is municipal tap water, the general process is

Sand filter activated carbon filter -- softening (dispensable) -- security filter -- reverse osmosis UV disinfection -- water production

If it is a general surface water, it is necessary to sterilize and add flocculants before entering the above process.

If it is well water, iron and manganese filters should be added after sand filtration.

Water is purified by circulation.

Quartz sand filtration is one of the most effective means to remove suspended solids in water. It is an important unit for advanced treatment of wastewater, reuse of sewage and water treatment. Its function is to further remove the pollutants that have been flocculated in water. It achieves the purpose of water purification by interception, sedimentation and adsorption of filter materials.

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